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Full Tarp
Lumber Tarp
Roll Off Container Tarp
Specialty Fitted Asphalt Tarp
Coilbag Tarp
Safety Pool Cover
Custom Grill Cover
Full Tarp
Roll Tarp Easy Off
Lumber Tarp
Roll Off Container Tarp
Landscape Tarp
Coilbag Tarp
Safety Pool Cover
Wood Cover

What Goes Into Our Tarps

Choose the type of waterproof polyester vinyl coated material 10oz., 14oz., 18oz. or 22oz. (18oz. is commonly used for steel tarps, lumber tarps and other over the road protection. 18oz. Has a high tear strength and moderate to heavy abrasion resistance). Seams where panels are put together are heat sealed not sewn or glued. Solid brass grommets with tooth washers that “Bite” into the material to prevent pull-out, grommets will not deteriorate or corrode. All grommets are reinforced with a double thickness 22oz. vinyl-patch, giving each grommet four layers of  material. (Except at welded seams where there are six layers of  material.) All hems are doubled stitched. Hems are sewn with a monochord (one piece) polyester thread. Our thread is not a twisted thread, to prevent moisture from getting between strands and causing “dry-rot” from inside out. A polyester thread has better protection from ultra– violet rays (“dry-rot”) than a nylon or cotton thread.

Choose From In Stock Inventory or Have It Made to Your Specifications

  • Steel Tarps

  • Machinery Tarps

  • Side Kit Tarps

  • Specialty Tarps

  • Smoke Tarps

  • Lumber Tarps

  • Dump Tarps

  • Coil Tarps

  • Mesh Tarps

  • Full Tarps

  • Roll Tarps

  • Wallboard Tarps

  • Trailer Tarps

  • Container Tarps

  • Tarping Systems

Custom Side Kit Tarps

Complete kits for any length truck or trailer. Standard and custom widths and heights available. All sizes of tarp bows. Plywood, FRP panels or ultra-lite panels. Many sizes of tee stakes and corner stakes. Tarp caddies, ridge straps, full replacement parts and professional installation available.

Custom Fit Roll Tarps

Complete systems for any length truck or trailer. Standard and custom widths available. Conventional side to side systems. Easy-off side to side systems (no tools required for removal of system). Slide-n-go front to back cable systems. Flip-n-go front to back arm systems. All sizes of tarp bows and full replacement parts. Professional installation available.

Specialty Covers Custom Made to Your Specifications

  • Swing Covers

  • Grill Covers

  • Fountain Covers

  • Gazebo Covers

  • Gym Floor Covers

  • Patio Furniture Covers

  • Baseball Backstops

  • Banners

  • Kennel Cage Covers

  • Air Conditioning Covers

  • Swimming Pool Covers

  • Wood Storage Covers

  • Lawn and Garden Tarps

  • Hay Tarps

  • Mesh Tarps

  • Polytuf Tarps

Fast & Complete Tarp Repair Service

Custom Tarpaulin is the tarp repair leader in the industry. Patches are heat sealed by using a specially designed machine invented by Custom Tarpaulin to heat adhere the repair patch to the tarp for long lasting results.

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